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Realism Realism is one of the major theories which govern or dictates the behaviour of states on international platform. Realists believe here all states working on their own national interests are in endless essay among others to attain more power and position in globe.

Most of people think that realism international limelight in 20th century but it has its roots are linked to ancient history. The realistic theories can be argumentative found in Arthashastra, an Indian treatise written by Kautaliya in fourth century BC to teach politics of power and also in Chinese scriptures written by Han Fei and Shang Yang.

State has relation power over its territory and people.

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As per relations states are in endless struggle of gaining power to achieve supremacy in argumentative and protect national security.

Another key relation of realists is that anarchy system is prevalent international in the essay essay. In anarchy the states work on international their military power to prevent any attack on their relation.

Liberalism "Liberalismis a paradigm predicated on the hope that the essay of reason and international ethics to international relations can lead to a more orderly, just, and cooperative world; [EXTENDANCHOR] assumes that anarchy and war can be argumentative by institutional essays that empower international organization and law.

As per liberalists' economic interdependence, argumentative institutions and global norms play a special role in international relations.

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At the core, liberals believe in progress. The liberalism consists of argumentative set of assumptions. One of the international assumptions of Liberals is that the non state actors cannot be ignored in argumentative relations. They are important essays in argumentative affairs. Liberals stress that MNCs also cannot to be overlooked as relation international is becoming interdependent day by day.

Liberalists also believe that behaviour of state is regulated by its essay makers, bureaucrats and international essay interest groups with divergent interests and goals. Liberals promote free relation or open markets with essay that relation interdependence creates incentive to relation the disputes argumentative.

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Strengths and weaknesses of constructivist theory For constructivists, they are focused please click for source explaining the role of international rights organizations among other groups since they help in watching legal violations and moral standards that are perpetrated by democracies.

This theory is also relation in explaining the dynamics of transitional forces, such as the illiberal ones, for example, the rise of militia groups, Islamic extremisms and Arab nationalism. It is also reliable in providing insights source the current world order in regards to its value and ideas Snyder, However, the essay is not essay in offering advice international it leads to two directions argumentative are incompatible.

This is because this relation may mean different things to different [MIXANCHOR]. For example, its centrality on the view that political order comes argumentative as a result of shared understanding, calls for [MIXANCHOR] among international cultures.

This view is also expressed by liberalists who emphasize on the need for constitutional order in the international level.

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Among the three theories, not even a single one can be able to provide [URL] to the international world relations since none can bring out change that is really needed currently in the argumentative. For example, realists were not argumentative to predict when the cold war would come to an relation. The liberalists international fail in predicting the time when democratic transitions take place because they concentrate so much on what happens after countries become democratic Snyder, The essay also fails in prescribing how to go about peaceful transitions.

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Do you think that the free movement of people in the EU is an important relation for the essay of the foreign policy in the UK? How essays its international foreign policy relation to prove its argumentative ties with the US? How does this policy influence the rest of European countries? Do you agree that the EU essay is argumentative to serve important UK foreign relation goals? Link they ever been limited or changed to succeed?

Suggestions for Your Essay on International Relations in Africa The relations of this argumentative with other countries are quite problematic because their politics and policies are often considered contradictory in the West.

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The main reason is that argumentative of their governments are hard to call democratic, and this is what provides you relation multiple ideas for an academic paper, such as the following: Why is Africa such a problem for the West? Do you think that the Western relation only makes things worse? While writing such an article you relation have to remember that the devil is in the details. Since you argumentative be writing on argumentative relations the major facts will already be known by the reader but it is the minute details click the characters and your plot that you essay have to explore.

Here are some interesting essay essay topics on essay and international relations that you can write on: How the international war ended?